FE Courses

Hosting a FLOTEC Fieldwork Educators’ workshop will assist you in meeting ACOTE Standards C.1.11 Qualified Level II Fieldwork Supervisors and C.1.12 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supervision.  Here are the basics on what to do.

Send an email to [email protected] including the following information.


Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Cost: $55.00

Contact person:

The webmaster will include the workshop in the calendar, and then your guests will access the website to register for the course. In addition, the webmaster will generate an “invitation email” with a link to the website to all the people related to the FLOTEC community.

Before the day of your event, a spreadsheet of registrants and their information will be sent to the host via email.

To have access to the educational material related to FLOTEC Fieldwork Educators’ workshop, please contact the webmaster or the secretary. We can provide you the following templates: brochure, pre/post-test, certificate, sign-in sheet, and FLOTEC FWE Certification workshop PPT presentation.

After the course, the host will complete the Post-course form and will send a copy to [email protected].  You will need to include the Sign-in sheet of the attendees to the Post-course form. To access the form, please follow the link under the tab FWE Courses.