Vitamin D in small droplets may help defuse respiratory disturbances

Researchers have discovered that vitamin D (the sunshine compound) in small droplets released by the skin after over-the-counter topical treatments may help reduce the severity of respiratory disturbances and help better patients manage the pain of chronic cold-causing bronchitis.
"Unfortunately, vitamin D supplementation often ends in a worsening of respiratory symptoms and increasing the amount of ruffled, itchy, runny or itchy, itchy, stuffed, or itchy skin," Wiedenheft said.
Wiedenheft said that combining the use of treatment with UV irradiation and T-Style light therapy could improve the effectiveness and safety of T-Style for the treatment of chronic bronchitis and respiratory discomfort.
Wiedenheft said that in patients with infectious diseases, vitamin D was found to be decreased without treatment, and when vitamin D levels in excreted sweat doubled, vitamin D decreased.
The study, "Measurement and analysis of serum, urinary, and endothelial FLE concentrations in patients with chronic universal or chronic common androgenic asthma treated with melatonin mixed with lavender oil: a randomised controlled trial", was conducted by Nicola Wiedenheft, Kireet Banerjee, Raed Zuraie, and Paul Regan, with support from the National Institute for Health Research and Collett Foundation and funded by NIHR.

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