Chinese scientist wins UK Medal for Towards a Transplant Biology

An Iranian chemist has won the prestigious British Science Foundation Doctor of the Year award for his work on stem cells for regenerative medicine.
In this occasion, the award went to Sam Khamis, the oneof three winners of the award.
Both of the awards - which are for scientists who have successfully cured diseases - were made in parallel with the Nobel prize awards.
Only two other winners of this year’s award, the Nobel Prize and the relatively young Viacher Prize in Physics, were hailed for achievements that were also noteworthy.
They also did the most to show a clear improvement in cancer treatment.

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New study develops guidelines for treating advanced B-cell lymphoma (ALS)

However, how it arises and how certain immune system cells are activated and suppressed in B-Lymphoma is not well understood.
People with lymphoma rarely respond well to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) - a commonstay of B-Lymphoma treatment.
Like non-IIC-deficient lymphoma, DLBCL does not respond well to ICI and is likely to recur with increasing patient numbers.

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