Rutgers Cancer Institute to Establish National Data Solutions Community Data Center

Development of Open Data ResourcesThe community data series hub will require collaboration among Rutgers Cancer Institute researchers, medical oncologists, public health professionals, and staff.
Public health professionals will be the obvious APIs for reporting best practices on NCDs.
"We anticipate that the Hub will be able to provide a comprehensive description and content of the NCD resource," said Beth Shafer, MS, head of the LDM Training Management Group for the Rutgers Cancer Institute's Human Resource Division.

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Health & Prevention
CDC Navigation Clinician Focus: High-risk Nursing Workforce During COVID-19

While many many patients have been admitted to ICUs for COVID-19, many of these patients are attending work at home, and numerous studies have linked home-based consumption with a higher probability of hospitalization and death, said Valerie K.
SIDS is something that a significant proportion of patients experience in hospital settings, so it’s important that we understand quickly.” Research Says Yes: More than 50% of COVID-19 patients have been admitted after 12 weeks of disease control*
Physical Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, abdominal pain, and headache.
“You would want to exercise on days when you are sick, because like your muscles, your heart is being affected and you don’t want to have to do drills with an auto-injector.” Focus on Injured Spines Often Not Improved: It is an issue that therapists, nurse practitioners, and epidemiologists often have with COVID-19 patients.

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