Rutgers Cancer Institute to Establish National Data Solutions Community Data Center

Developing and elevating your Oncology Learning Management (OLM) skillsThrough the Oncology Learning Management (OLM) Leadership Development Center (LDCC), Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey will establish a National Data Solutions (NDC) Community Data Series Hub to bring together educational resources and information related to NDCs. Currently the Hub is an electronic system for statistical summaries of NDCs published through the US Patient Data Archive. The NDCs included will provide resources to help physicians discover information related to NCDs, including data-driven cancer care management, prevention and early-warning, screening, and treatment, including NCD substance use and prevention. According to Jennifer McLaughlin, PhD, assistant vice president, Research in Cancer Care Continuity at Rutgers Cancer Institute, data-driven cancer resource uses is becoming more commonly supported by personalized medicine, precision medicine, and the advancement of technology as well as initiatives such as the Hologic', 13-day trial registries, and Diamond Watch programs. This will be a dynamic hub housed within Rutgers Cancer Institute’s Data Continuity Center (DF1DC). Long-term care facilities are a resource that leads physicians to find information on proven therapies, drugs, and currently available therapies for various health conditions in their community. Utilizing patient demographics and supporting data from thousands of individual patients, our community data and knowledge sources will help physicians find relevant information pertinent to each NCD they encounter. The repository will integrate searchable high-quality data from physicians and staff, a central resource for oncology care management, reporting on time spent on NCDs, FCDs, and Non-HCDs, as well as clinical characteristics and outcomes registered by patients through their providers. Development of Open Data ResourcesThe community data series hub will require collaboration among Rutgers Cancer Institute researchers, medical oncologists, public health professionals, and staff. Data scientists will provide data-driven medical education marketing solutions for practice and clinical situations. Public health professionals will be the obvious APIs for reporting best practices on NCDs. "Bias against NCDs is a major issue nationally," said Rutgers Cancer Institute researcher Bumsoo Han, PhD. "We believe our community support hub will empower clinicians to share experiences and knowledge pertaining to diseases that have been diagnosed and are still on the books." The Hub will be extensive with information on officer training, surgery, diversity, human service, and leadership skills. "We anticipate that the Hub will be able to provide a comprehensive description and content of the NCD resource," said Beth Shafer, MS, head of the LDM Training Management Group for the Rutgers Cancer Institute's Human Resource Division.