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Aloga Males and Women at Higher Risk of Death from Toxic Breast Cancer

Alabamians who lived some time in homes that experienced toxic levels of toxic estradiol (the female sex hormone), increased their risk of death from breast cancer (breast cancer."Our hypothesis was that an increase in exposure to higher levels of toxic hormone might contribute to a higher risk of dying from breast cancer," said Dr.
Daniela Souza-Vujadinova from the University Hospital of Alunbeck (Switzerland).The research results were published recently in Gastroenterology.
In prospective studies in men and women with breast cancer in the past 30 days, the researchers observed no change in the risk of death or any change in the number of women who had chemotherapy or radiation treatment for breast cancer.
The researchers conclude that there might be a developmental impact(...) the attention must be given to the impact of puberty on estrogen and its effects on cancer survival.

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