Working Together for Excellence in Fieldwork Education.

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FLOTEC Mission Statement

To Promote, Encourage, and Foster Quality Fieldwork Education in collaboration

with Fieldwork Educators for the benefit of all Occupational Therapy Students in the State of Florida.

FLOTEC Vision Statement

 Working Together for Excellence in Fieldwork Education.



Florida Occupational Therapy Educational Consortium (FLOTEC)

The Florida Occupational Therapy Educational Consortium is an organization dedicated to the development, implementation, and support of quality fieldwork education for OT and OTA students. The partnership between education and practice provides leadership for fieldwork education programs and clinical faculty development.

Through open discussion, networking, and aggressive exploration of opportunities and visionary ideas, the group fosters and supports dynamic fieldwork education environments for fieldwork faculty and students.

These environments enable the student to transition into a competent and socially responsible professional who understands, responds, and promotes creative problem solving in the rapidly changing, competitive healthcare

delivery system. The Consortium explores, designs, and implements innovations that assist practitioners in the provision of quality learning experiences to meet its mission of excellence in fieldwork education.