Fieldwork Educators Awards of Excellence

Every year FLOTEC selects fieldwork educators from across the state, and honors them with the Award of Excellence. Award recipients have been nominated and selected by an academic program or students as a fieldwork educator who exhibits superior communication, interpersonal behaviors, professional and teaching behaviors. An effective supervisor is one who is able to:

* Clarify expectation of supervision at outset
* Establish and maintain boundaries
* Teach practical skill
* Maintain membership in his/her state and na- tional association

* Be accessible and available to student* Encourage students to explore new ideas and techniques (think outside the box)* Use and promote reflective practice* Show enthusiasm for Occupational Therapy* Foster autonomy and independence* Model professional, ethical behavior* Assess student’s learning needs* Accept values and celebrate diversity* Be Aware of own limitations and strengths* Work collaboratively with students- Listen more than talk to students* Maintain open and honest relationships with student* Convey a supportive and caring attitude.We would like to thank the award recipients for providing exceptional learning environments for occupational therapy students in our state. The Award of Excellence is presented annually at the FOTA Conference during the Opening ceremony.