Chairperson - Pam Kasyan, AFWC, South University

Secretary- Kim Gensolin, AFWC, Adventist University of Health Sciences

Treasurer - Sheila Longpre, Nova Tampa



Accepted June 18, 2004


The organization shall be called the Florida Occupational Therapy Educational Consortium and hereinafter shall be referred to as FLOTEC.


The purpose of FLOTEC shall be to:

1. Promote provision of quality fieldwork education for occupational therapy students.
2. Encourage collaborative relationships among educational programs and fieldwork education sites.
3. Promote activities to increase the quantity and quality of fieldwork education sites.
4. Foster a spirit of support among academic fieldwork coordinators and fieldwork educators.
5. Provide a forum for collaborative problem solving of issues related to fieldwork education of occupational therapy students.
6. Ensure that fieldwork education for occupational therapy students reflects current practice.
7. Promote professional development of fieldwork educators.
8. Support and promote the development of FLOTEC members.


Section 1: Membership Categories

Voting Members

Academic Fieldwork Educator from each OTA and OT academic program in the State of Florida, or an academic program representative as needed. The program director may vote in lieu of AFWC as needed.

Non-voting Members

Additional program representatives. Fieldwork educators.

Section 2: Qualifications of Membership

Academic Fieldwork Coordinators from an ACOTE accredited or approved and developing occupational therapy (OT) and occupational therapy assistant (OTA) programs within the State of Florida; or an academic program representative. Representation from the practice areas of mental health, physical disabilities, pediatrics, geriatrics, and community practice.

Section 3: Rights of members

Rights and Privileges of Voting Members:
A. Each academic institution will have one vote in any given motion. The AFWC has priority to vote. If the AFWC is not present during any given election and did not submit the vote, then the academic representative may vote. The AFWC or faculty representative of each academic institution will have one vote.
B. Member academic institutions will be included on FLOTEC letterhead and any other FLOTEC materials.
C. May hold office, chair and serve on committees.

Section 4: Good Standing

A. A member is to remain in good standing provided that the representative of the academic institution attends at least one the annual meetings.
B. An academic institution attending less than one meeting per year will loose good standing and forfeit the right to vote in any given motion.
C. An academic institution will miss no more than 2 years in a 3-year period (as of January 2009).
D. Each academic institution will contribute with an annual membership fee of $50.00, due every January 31st.


Section 1: Officers

A. The elected officers shall be chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
B. The chairperson should be an AFWC.

Section 2: Eligibility

A. An AFWC in good standing is eligible to hold any office.
B. In such event that an AFWC is not available to hold an office, an academic program representative will be eligible to hold an office.
C.At any given term, only one academic representative can be holding an office.

Section 3: Term of office

A. Officers shall be elected for a two-year term.
B. Officers can serve for two consecutive terms for the same office.
C. Chairperson and treasurer shall be elected in even-years and secretary shall be elected in odd-years. They will assume responsibility at the annual FOTA conference.


Section 1: Chairperson

The Chairperson shall:

A. Call and preside at all meeting of FLOTEC.
B. Appoint chairs of all task forces.
C. Prepare and submit the agenda for the next meeting.
D. Act as liaison between FLOTEC and the community.
E. Maintain communication with FOTA officers as needed.
F. Maintain periodic communication with the membership via e-mail, as needed.
G. Provide an annual report to the membership during the spring FLOTEC meeting held at the FOTA Conference. The report will include a description of tasks accomplished during the year.

Section 2: Secretary

The Secretary shall:

A. Prepare and distribute the minutes within two weeks following all meetings.
B. Maintain FLOTEC official records (excluding financial reports), including but not limited to minutes of all the meetings.
C. Update Bylaws, in collaboration with the officers.
D. Conduct the correspondence of FLOTEC except as otherwise provided.
E. Call for nomination of officers as needed and tabulate votes.

Section 3: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

A. Maintain FLOTEC official financial records, including but not limited to current assets and billing records.
B. Prepare and provide an annual fiscal report for the membership during the spring FLOTEC meeting.
C. Manage the official FLOTEC bank account.

ARTICLE VI Administrative Procedure for All Elected or Appointed Positions

Section 1: Resignation

A. In the event that an Officer of FLOTEC finds it necessary to resign before the completion of the term, the officer must submit a resignation to the membership that will be reflected in the minutes of the next meeting.
B. The Chairperson shall ask for nominations for a member to complete the term of office. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chairperson, the Secretary shall ask for nominations for a member to complete the term of office.

Section 2: Removal

An officer of FLOTEC may be removed by the voting members for circumstances resulting in inability to perform duties, misconduct, or neglect of duties. Motions for removal of an officer may occur with fair process.
A. By nomination
B. By majority vote of voting membership

Section 3: Appeal

A. Actions for censure of removal from office may be appealed in accordance with due process.
B. Appeals will be reviewed by a subcommittee appointed by the Chairperson, with representation from FLOTEC.

Section 4: Vacancies and Absences of Officers

In the case of a vacancy, FLOTEC will hold an election to fill the position.


Meetings of FLOTEC shall be:
1. Held a minimum of twice annually.
2. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson and/or the majority of voting members.
3. Presence of a simple majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum of FLOTEC.
4. Minutes of the meetings shall be available to all FLOTEC members.
5. Meetings will be held at a location that is mutually agreeable to the majority of the members in good standing.


The FLOTEC members have the power to create standing and special committees, as deemed advisable, to conduct the functions of FLOTEC. The Committee chair shall report the proceeding of these committees.

ARTICLE IX Evaluation Process and Strategic Planning

1. The strategic plan will cover a 3-year period.
2. An evaluation process will take place at the FLOTEC spring meeting and/or during the FOTA conference for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of various strategic activities.
3. The Chairperson will facilitate this process, via e-mail, with collaboration from the Secretary and Treasurer.
4. Pertinent annual reports will be generated by the officers and disseminated via e-mail to the membership, for review, at least two weeks prior to the next meeting.
5. Revisions to the strategic plan will be made as needed during the FLOTEC spring meeting.