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FLOTEC Educator Certification Workshop  7 CEUs   

Cost:    Pre-register online: $50.00   OR Onsite Registration: $55.00

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Course Objectives

Section 1

  1. Identify the role of the FE within the educational process
  2. Adequately and efficiently orient students for the fieldwork experience
  3. Integrate goals of the student, FE, and academic institution into mutually determined objectives

Section 2

  1. Identify variation in students' learning styles
  2. Identify critical student behaviors and verbalize these in specific and objective terms
  3. Discuss the differences and interrelationships between feedback and evaluation
  4. Identify appropriate responses to students' reactions to feedback received

 Section 3

  1. Document student behaviors in specific and objective terms
  2. Discuss the importance of documentation in communication and legal aspects of documentation during fieldwork
  3. Write learning objectives

 Section 4

  1. Identify implications of several laws during fieldwork
  2. Compare the rights and responsibilities of the AFC, FEC, student, and the academic and clinical institutions

 Certification Criteria

7 hours of workshop

Completion of a Pre-test and Post Test

85% minimum passing score

Because this is a certification workshop, participants arriving later than one half hour after the start of the workshop will forfeit thier opportunity to be certified.

 Cancellation Policy

$35.00 refund if cancellation is received 10 days prior to the course date, otherwise, refund is forfeited.

 Notice of Nondiscrimination:

Persons with disabilities need to request reasonable accommodations in advance of the workshop.